As a military or government client, you can rely on Excalibur Van Lines to provide a precise, effective and efficient service, customised to any specialist requirements you may have. We have been a military moving company for many years, and we currently assist in the relocation of 1300 military families a year.

If you are looking for government moving services, then Excalibur Van Lines is your top choice. We are able to provide affordable inter state relocation 365 days a year, showing we are completely committed to our country, and to your relocation requirements.

We have over 300 professional agents, supported by a fleet of over 1000 reliable vehicles. We can provide door to door service, and have the means and capacity to accommodate global military and government relocation. In short, we can provide the dedicated service at any level you require at any given moment.

Employee certification and security

Ensuring that are employees meet our security checks is not just a necessity to us. Due to the sensitive nature of military and government relocation, we pride ourselves on constantly checking the security of our own staff. We understand that security, as well as efficiency, is paramount in your relocation requirements.

We conduct intense background checks on every single member of our staff at the beginning of their employment, throughout all sectors of our company. We can say with unwavering confidence that any information provided by any military or government body or employee will be treated with the delicacy and efficiency you require.

We comply with DOT regulations, and regularly conduct mandatory random drug and alcohol tests with all of our employees. Any staff members that do not comply are removed form employment with our company. We ensure that we can trust our team, so that you can trust us.

We commit to 2 audits a year with every one of our relocation operators, allowing us to constantly monitor and implement performance and quality control.

Our many checks and efforts are all adhered to so that all government and military bodies, companies and employees have a company that they can count on to provide a consistent quality moving service. Every single American relies on the employees of government and military bodies every day; employees that work above and beyond their call of duty to serve us. We feel it’s our duty to provide a service that these hard working individuals can rely on and deserve.