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Are you looking for moving services that are committed to handling every single one of your possessions carefully and with respect? Perhaps you have a number of valuable items, such as glassware, pictures and paintings, which require specialist packing and handling in order to survive a move unscathed. In these sorts of situations, we are ideally placed to help. With fifteen years of successful moving behind us, we are the provider of choice for many families and businesses in and around Santa Monica.

Local Movers and Packers

We understand that it is not just people who are moving across the country that need expert help with their move. Our team is able to work with people who are remaining within Santa Monica, as well as those who are moving out of state. We offer the same impeccable standards to all, carefully and efficiently packing your possessions and taking them where they need to go. If you do not yet have an address to move to, we can store your goods securely in our weatherproof storage facility. When you are ready, we can drive them on to your destination. If you do not want the time-consuming task of unpacking, why not let us take care of it? We are able to put your goods exactly where you need them to go, freeing you up to concentrate on other priorities.

We Are Also Santa Monica Long Distance Movers

In comparison with other moving companies, we are competitively priced and dedicated to making each client’s moving experience as good as it possibly can be. We offer a wealth of information and tips to prospective movers, giving them the information they need to be as prepared as possible for the event. No matter where you want to go or what you want to take with you, we can manage your moving process quickly and correctly. To find out more, or for a FREE quote, call us at (877) 203-2065.

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