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We move 500+ customers every month and these customers are just a small sample of our clientele. We believe is giving you a perfect moving experience by giving you a guaranteed price, clean cut professional, experienced movers. By moving with us we will do our best to meet your expectations if not exceeding them. As you can see in the testimonials we deliver what we preach.

Brittany F.

Los Angeles, CA

4601 friends

1581 reviews

Excalibur does it again! Moving can be one of the most stressful things in life, but thanks to Excalibur and the quality of movers they employ, you can rest assured your move will be seamless. I moved this weekend. Oscar and his team of 9 men showed up on time, ready to get the job done. They were so proficient, careful and organized. I ended up taking a hike in the middle of the move, because they had everything handled. They will come a few weeks before and give you a “not to exceed quote.” This is incredibly helpful in budgeting a move. They bring everything you need: bubble wrap, boxes, paper, tape, sharpies, etc. If you have difficult items to move, think large couches, or a projector and screen, they are experts in handling everything. I am so happy with the value of their services. I hope I do not have to move for a while, but if I do, I know that Excalibur will be there for me. I will never move with any other company.

Pauline M.

Culver City, CA

427 friends

1481 reviews

We are completely satisfied with Excalibur movers.  They were extremely fast and careful.  When you hire movers, you always wonder if they will be careful with your appliances and how quick they will really be.  Gerson, Dimas, and Angel were the best.  They were careful, communicated with us about each step of the process, polite, and on top of that super quick.  They helped us move over 30 miles in under 5 hours!!!   They quote slightly higher in the beginning but from what we read they always try to come in lower, just in case they underestimate the time it takes.  But they definitely work with you and there were no gotchas in the end. Their pricing was definitely good.  Would 100% use them again and even request the same team!!

Caitlin A.

Alhambra, CA

1435 friends

800 reviews

I ended up having to push my moving date a few days later, and the original moving company could not accommodate. Lucky for me, I did a search on Yelp, sent out a few quote requests, and ended up choosing Excalibur. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did! Not only did Excalibur had availability with only a few days notice, they were professional and efficient from the minute they arrived. Because of previous experience, I decided to opt for 4 movers this time around and I would never go with any less. They were lightning fast. We packed everything from my 2 bed 2 bath condo, stopped by a storage unit and unloaded everything at my new house, all within 6hrs. And this included drive time, which was about a 45min drive.  Marcos, Villa, Damian and Jouany were terrific. I highly recommend Excalibur. They even have a Yelp deal, so make sure you take advantage of that.

Steph C.

Los Angeles, CA

3606 friends

3089 reviews

Matt B. and I moved a few weeks ago, from Los Feliz to Windsor Square–just a few miles, but a whole lot of work. We’d been at the same address for over four years, the longest either of us had lived in one place that wasn’t our childhood homes. Our 2012 move was pretty easy–we had very little furniture and a manageable amount of stuff. I guess we hoarded or something over the last four years, because this time around, we were packing for weeks and still had plenty left for our movers. We booked Excalibur because of the impressive Yelp record (at the time of this writing, 5 stars with 1555 reviews) and were not disappointed. My husband took care of the booking, but it was apparently pretty easy. We moved over Memorial Day, which was not only at the end of the month but on a holiday weekend, so we got probably the highest rate–$140 an hour for three movers, $133 with a cash discount, double the rate for drive time. The move took all day and cost $980 before tip. Much more expensive than our last move, but worth every penny. Zach, Ulysses, and Alex made a formidable team.

Cindy B.

Los Angeles, CA

1332 friends

1046 reviews

For anyone that has ever moved, you know it’s extremely stressful. I was particularly worried about my furniture and how I was going to get it from my old apartment into my new one. I found Excalibur on Yelp and I gave them a call.  Customer service is great. Everyone that I spoke to over the phone was helpful and answered all my questions.  Pay with cash. They will give you 5% off and it makes a difference off the total amount. Also, buy into the Yelp deal.  I paid exactly $399 plus tip. That was for a 3 man crew, that moved out all my furniture and boxes for a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment and drove it 1/2 a mile away to my new place. They disassembled and reassembled a queen-size bed and a large bookshelf. All my furniture was wrapped in blankets and shrink-wrapped. They also worked really fast.  I would recommend them to my friends. I’m really satisfied.

Cheryl “kuregrl” S.

Los Angeles, CA

61 friends

608 reviews

Did you know that a move could go seamlessly?  I didn’t either until we moved this weekend with Excalibur Movers. Our old house wasn’t super big, but we were going to need some help with packing, so they sent Ricardo out a week in advance to give us a quote.  The condo community we moved into has time restrictions on moving – they must be finished by 5pm.  Because of this, Ricardo recommended a crew of 7, and gave me a “not higher than this price” quote.   A few days prior to our move, I received a confirmation call going over all of the terms. The arrival window was 7-9am.  I received a call from Eliseo, the crew leader, around 8am and they arrived at 8:45.  By 9 they were all working, and throughout the entire move, they worked super fast!  By noon, the packing we needed help with was done, and the truck was completely loaded and ready to go.   They kept up this pace at the new place.  They were professional and courteous throughout, not minding when we change out minds about where to put several large items.

Kelly W.

Los Angeles, CA

473 friends

630 reviews

I found this company through the Internet and discovered the Yelp reviews later!  There were some mixed reviews here but I felt confident enough to use this company for my move.  I called to schedule my move a week and half beforehand and Michael was very helpful to get the date and time that I wanted which was Wednesday morning and my time window was between 7-10am.  He also explained all the charges and the procedures and sent me a confirmation e-mail that I had to initial and send back. Two days before I received a confirmation phone call and we went over the procedures again.  On the day of the move I received a phone call in the morning letting me know about what time that they would be there which ended up being around 9am.  Once they parked Jose and Milton came up to my apartment and they gave me a estimate of around 4 or 5 hours to move everything costing about $500.00.  They were both so nice and friendly, it was a real pleasure working with them both.  And as it turns out my friend that was helping me got along great with them too since my friend is from El Salvador and so is Milton!

Adrian K.

Los Angeles, CA

1647 friends

660 reviews

Really amazing and efficient moving help today from Nicolas, Fredy and Hector. The three were really nice and polite, very helpful. I was surprised by how great they were. We looked them up on yelp and they live up to the amazing reviews. With a multi-location move from DTLA & Hollywood to a different Hollywood location, I was expecting a long and tedious day. It was long (8 hours) but definitely not tedious. I’ve already recommended them to a couple people and will absolutely tell everybody I know. I’m never not moving with Excalibur again.



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