Excalibur Movers Los Angeles

Cheryl “kuregrl” S.

Did you know that a move could go seamlessly?  I didn’t either until we moved this weekend with Excalibur Movers. Our old house wasn’t super big, but we were going to need some help with packing, so they sent Ricardo out a week in advance to give us a quote.  The condo community we moved into has time restrictions on moving – they must be finished by 5pm.  Because of this, Ricardo recommended a crew of 7, and gave me a “not higher than this price” quote.   A few days prior to our move, I received a confirmation call going over all of the terms. The arrival window was 7-9am.  I received a call from Eliseo, the crew leader, around 8am and they arrived at 8:45.  By 9 they were all working, and throughout the entire move, they worked super fast!  By noon, the packing we needed help with was done, and the truck was completely loaded and ready to go.   They kept up this pace at the new place.  They were professional and courteous throughout, not minding when we change out minds about where to put several large items.

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