Excalibur Movers Los Angeles

Steph C.

Matt B. and I moved a few weeks ago, from Los Feliz to Windsor Square–just a few miles, but a whole lot of work. We’d been at the same address for over four years, the longest either of us had lived in one place that wasn’t our childhood homes. Our 2012 move was pretty easy–we had very little furniture and a manageable amount of stuff. I guess we hoarded or something over the last four years, because this time around, we were packing for weeks and still had plenty left for our movers. We booked Excalibur because of the impressive Yelp record (at the time of this writing, 5 stars with 1555 reviews) and were not disappointed. My husband took care of the booking, but it was apparently pretty easy. We moved over Memorial Day, which was not only at the end of the month but on a holiday weekend, so we got probably the highest rate–$140 an hour for three movers, $133 with a cash discount, double the rate for drive time. The move took all day and cost $980 before tip. Much more expensive than our last move, but worth every penny. Zach, Ulysses, and Alex made a formidable team.
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