Do you Need Storage Services on your Move?

You have probably heard of people temporarily storing their belongings in a storage facility when moving to a new house. You may have even considered seeking storage services when faced with a long distance move. “But do I really need storage services on my move?” you ask yourself. Here are a few reasons that might sell you on considering storage services.


It facilitates the move

Moving to a new home is not easy. Many first timers underestimate the physical, financial and psychological strain that moving presents. You need to research a suitable moving company, pack all personal and household belongings and make any other necessary arrangements for the move, such as booking a flight ticket; in case the move involves traveling to another state. Hiring storage services goes a long way in helping you move out at your own pace. Since packing every item in the house takes time, you could start early by packing the items that you do not use every day and shipping them to a storage facility near your new address. This gives you sufficient room for packing the rest of the items. As the day of the move draws closer, you can then move to packing the day-to-day items in an organized manner.


It facilitates decision making

You could be moving from a large house to a relatively smaller one. All of a sudden, you realize that all the furniture you own makes the house look crowded. In another scenario, you realize that the furniture you own might not compliment the look of the new house. It could be that the dining table that graced your old kitchen might not match well with the new kitchen shelf. A storage facility could act as a ‘temporary basement’ where you can store unwanted furniture before settling for a more permanent solution.


It buys you time

Sometimes, the move-out date may not coincide with the move-in date. It could be as a result of delays in getting the new home ready. This would then require you to stay at a hotel for a couple of days before the new home is ready. In such cases, hiring storage services for your furniture and other household items proves to be the only logical solution until you can comfortably move in to the new house. Having your household items kept in a storage facility also buys you time to clean the new house before you can move in.


It helps in buy-outs

Storage services come in handy when you plan to sell your old home under an escrow arrangement after you move out. Potential clients would be interested in seeing how the house would look like without your furniture and belongings. You could start preparing for your eventual exit by keeping the less-frequently used furniture in a storage facility. This not only makes the move easier, but also makes the house look presentable for potential buyers to inspect.



Storage services are a necessary expense during some move. They can even save you money. Talk to the experts from Excalibur Moving for professional storage services at fair prices.





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