Packing for Storage – What to Consider

There is more to packing than just disposing items in a box and storing them in an unused room. Several factors need to be considered to ensure all items in storage remain in perfect condition, regardless of the duration they stay there. Excalibur Moving breaks it down for you.


Storage Space

Identify the storage location well in advance. It could be a rental storage facility, your home basement or attic or even an office strong room. If you have a few items to store, approximation by observation will tell you if the storage space is enough. However, for a more accurate process, measure the storage space by square feet. Once you identify the storage space, you need to check if it can accommodate your storage option.


Storage Options

There are two main storage options; movable storage containers or self-storage units. The former are containers with wheels for mobility while the latter could be traditional storage boxes or containers. The main determinant factor in choosing the right storage option is mobility vs access.  Self-storage units allow easy access to the stored items. They are the best option if you intend to keep the items in storage without moving them anytime soon. Consider using movable storage containers if you plan to ship the items in the foreseeable future.


Possible Hazards

Hazards affect items differently. Such items like photographs, appliances and even paintings should not be stored where there is extreme heat. Furniture on the other hand should not be stored where there is possibility of mite infestation. Each storage space has its own possible hazards. The attic could get quite hot during the summer. The basement could get a bit humid during winter. While such hazards could be difficult to control, others like pest infestation are manageable. Identifying the possible hazards guides you in choosing the proper storage materials.


Storage materials

You want to choose storage materials that will ensure that all items stored will last for the approximate period you intend to keep them in storage. That being said, cardboard boxes are a good choice for storing almost anything. They are, however, not the best storage material for a humid environment like the basement. This is because they are susceptible to deterioration, breaking and tearing. A good alternative for such environments is plastic storage cases or wooden cases. Metallic storage cases might not be the best option especially if you intend to use the attic as storage space, due to the heat during the summer.


The arrangement

You need to consider a storage strategy that complements the items you intend to store. Start packing by arranging the items in order of accessibility. Start from the furthest corner of the room by storing the items you are least likely to use in the foreseeable future. When you stack the packed boxes, place the heaviest at the bottom and the lighter ones on top in a vertical manner. Also, fill the odd spaces with small items in order to maximize the storage space.


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